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"Lucas is one heck of a professional CRO"

"He sat down 30 minutes with and told me what needs to be fixed in my copy. He did an audit of my website prior to talking to me. His advice was very useful. This call was worth $100/hour"

Aazar Ali Shad

VP Growth


"I can't say enough thanks to Lucas!"

"During our call, Lucas has done a full homepage audit, providing useful tips and strategies on how we can improve in the future. He's the true conversion expert and is a fantastic marketer to talk to. I highly recommend talking to Lucas if you want to freshen up your inbound strategy."

Anna Pogrebniak

Digital Marketing

Lumoa - Customer Experience SaaS

"Lucas is a smart guy who takes a methodical approach..."

"...to analyzing my landing pages. He came up with ideas and resources to get it from 70% of the way there to 90% and ready to test driving traffic to it. Would definitely speak with him again!"

Mark Cann

Founder & Growth Marketing Consultant

More Video, Vungle

"Lucas is a serious force..."

"He doesn't wait for an opportunity to get creative with his strategy. Always thinking about making the most impact and focused on gaining the best result, he thinks outside the box and puts the customer first. Amazing to watch him work."

Harrie Truscott


You & Co Media

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